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2018 OAS Symposium - Chatham-Kent - SILENT AUCTION

Silent Auction Preview - Select Items

Museum of Ontario Archaeology gift basket. 

Donated by the Museum of Ontario Archaeology

Vintage handmade moccasins from Northern Ontario. 

Donated by Holly Martelle.

Projectile point reproductions. 

Donated Chris Dalton (top ) and Darcy Fallon (bottom two)

Archaeobotanical Analysis

Donated by Rudy Fecteau

Radiocarbon Dating

Donated by A.E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory, University of Ottawa

Stained Glass panel depicting Uncle Tom's Cabin (Josiah Henson House) in Dresden.

Donated by Shari Prowse

Salt Lamp

Donated by Shelley Birch, Caldwell First Nation

Bear Grease and Oil

Donated by Shelley Birch, Caldwell First Nation

Original Artwork (depicting artist's favourite found point)

Donated by Chelsea Williams, Walpole Island First Nation First Nation

Hand carved and painted child’s stool

Donated by Shari Prowse

Vintage Currier & Ives Hanging Lamp

Donated by Darryl Dann

Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

Donated by Margaret Ann Fecteau

Emily Carr Framed Print, “Scorned as Timber, Beloved by the Sky”

Donated by Shari Prowse

Framed Print-“Meeting with Autumn”- Rick Beaver

Donated by Holly Martelle

Vintage Powell and Bristol Stoneware Jar Crock England

Donated by Shari Prowse

New for 2018 - Proxy Bidding

What is Proxy Bidding?

Proxy bidding, sometimes called absentee or automatic bidding, is a method for bidding in an in-person or online auction. The way it works is the person who wants to bid on an item decides a maximum amount that they are willing to pay for it in advance, and tells this amount to the auction holder. As other bids are made, the auction holder automatically increases the person's bid by pre-specified increments until their maximum amount is reached. If the bidder is monitoring the auction, at this point they can give up or choose to increase their bid. The reason people do this is so that they don't have to continually monitor an auction to win an item, and so they can more easily bid on several items at once.

For more information on the Silent Auction please refer to:

Silent Auction Rules

Donate to the Silent Auction

Donate a gift to be used in our popular Silent Auction such as books, jewelry, works of art, crafts, gift certificates from quality stores or restaurants, travel vouchers, and promotional items. Archaeologists appreciate many other products such as: all-weather gear, work boots, work gloves and hats, tarps, trowels, buckets, measuring tapes, line levels, mallets, spikes, camping equipment, and items of hardware. Please contact Shari Prowse ( if you wish to donate to the Silent Auction.

The Silent Auction will be held on Saturday November 10, at the Chatham-Kent John D. Bradley Convention Center, 565 Richmond Street.

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