Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest

The Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS) is hosting a Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest as a part of its 2021 Annual Symposium. It will be taking place in the lead up to the Symposium with the deadline for submissions Monday, October 18th

The objective of the Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest is to solve clues hidden within riddles. There are a total of 10 riddles which relate to themes from the 2021 Annual Symposium specific to Ontario archaeology and heritage. The Scavenger Hunt will act as a Photo Contest and participants must take pictures of and/or with the clues and submit them to : All photos must be submitted by the end of Monday, October 18th. A total of 10 photos can be submitted by each participant (One photo taken for each clue). Once submitted, each photo will be judged on a scale of 0-10 using 3 different categories: solution to the clue, photo quality, and creativity. While the riddles may refer to specific locations, the answers to the clues can be found locally throughout most of Ontario.

For example, if a clue read “You seek a route long and straight, part of a grid surveyed land, on which farm lots tend to stand” the answer would be a Concession Road and is making a connection to the workshop on Rural Historical Farmstead Sites.

The participants with the highest scores based on their photos, will win a special prize! The winners will be announced during the Symposium on Saturday, October 23rd,between 6:30pm-8:00pm. To register for the Scavenger Hunt, you must register for the 2021 Annual Symposium and select that you intend to participate in the Scavenger hunt on the registration form. Once registered, the clues to the Scavenger Hunt will be sent to you. All participants will need to sign a release form allowing their photos to be displayed on the website, during the symposium and shared through social media. Register here for the 2021 Symposium and the Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest.


The three winners of the Scavenger Hunt (one for each category for which they are being judged), will be able to select a currently available edition of the Mercury series books donated by the Canadian Museum of History. 

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