The Ontario Archaeological Society Acknowledges Members and others who have played an important role in the life of the society, and in the good care and management of Ontario's Archaeological Heritage. Awards include:

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J. Norman Emerson Silver Medal
Awarded on occasion to an outstanding Ontario non-professional archaeologist whose life’s work has been consistently of the highest standard, who has made an exceptional contribution to the development of Ontario archaeology and who has earned acclaim for excellence and achievement. It is the highest honour the Society can bestow. (follow this link to learn about J. Norman Emerson)

Past Winners:

J.V. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award
An award granted on occasion to an outstanding Ontario professional archaeologist whose life’s work has been consistently of the highest standard, who has made an exceptional contribution to the development of archaeology in this region. It is awarded to a professional who has published widely, is recognized for advancing the practice of archaeology, has earned acclaim for excellence, and has inspired others. Along with the J. Norman Emerson Silver Medal, it is one of the highest honours the Society can bestow.

Past Winners:

Tim and Ian Kenyon Award 
An award granted on occasion to an outstanding archaeologist whose life’s work has been consistently of the highest standard, who has made an exceptional contribution to the development of historical archaeology in Ontario. It is awarded to an individual who has published widely, is recognized for advancing the practice of historical archaeology, has earned acclaim for excellence, and has inspired others in our Province. Along with the J. Norman Emerson Silver Medal and J.V. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award, it is one of the highest honours the Society can bestow. 

Past Winners (the Ian Kenyon and Tim Kenyon Memorial Awards were combined in 2018):

Peggi Armstrong Public Archaeology Award
Individuals, groups and organizations are all eligible for the Peggi Armstrong Public Archaeology Award. This award recognizes excellence in the promotion of public interest in the study of archaeology through the use of displays, workshops, training, site tours and/or the development of educational programs and materials. Past winners have also been recognized for fostering awareness of cultural resources and heritage preservation, and efforts to advance the ethical practice of archaeology. (follow this link to learn more)

Past Winners

  • 2015 Dirk Verhulst
  • 2021 Roderick (Rory) MacKay

Charles and Ella Garrad Award for Outstanding Service
This awards is given in recognition of the continuing long-term support and active participation of OAS members. Quite often volunteers are the public face of the OAS, doing yeoman’s service in support of our commonly held goals and principles. The contributions of these members are seen especially in the regular chapter meetings, events and activities, the publication of the society’s newsletter and journal, and organization of the annual symposium. These individuals bring a wide range of skills and interests to the organization, and it is because of them that we continue to have a strong and vibrant society. As part of the Society’s 60th Anniversary celebrations, the OAS launched this award for outstanding achievement.

Past Winners:

Indigenous Advocacy Award

This award has been created to recognize a person(s) from an Indigenous community who has dedicated themselves to archaeology and preserving the cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples through active participation in Ontario archaeology.  This award goes to those who work tirelessly not only for their own community, but use their voice to advocate for the inclusion of the Indigenous perspective in all aspects of the archaeological endeavour (Click here to learn more).

Past Winner:

      • 2020 Joanne Thomas

Award for Excellence in Cultural Resource Management 
Offered to either an individual or a group in order to recognize contributions and accomplishments in the field of cultural resource management. Achievements may include the management and preservation of sites, sustained research and frequent publishing or advocacy efforts. Candidates may include private firms or national, provincial or municipal agencies

Past Winners: 

Award for Excellence in Publishing
Offered to an individual, group or firm in order to recognize contributions and accomplishments in publishing works dealing with the field of North Eastern Archaeology. Published works should be considered a substantial contribution to archaeology and can include peer reviewed articles or books. Subject matter may concern theory, methodology, history or specific sites and may be reviewed as a cumulative body of work by one author or a single exemplary publication.

Past Winners:

The Helen Devereux Award for Excellence in Archaeological Mentorship
This award recognizes an individual who has, through the course of a career, demonstrated outstanding commitment to Ontario archaeology through consistent, high quality training of the next generation of aspiring archaeologists. Often, excellent archaeological practice is instilled when individuals first undertake fieldwork and/or laboratory analysis. Winners of this award will typically have many former trainees who have gone on to build successful careers in Ontario archaeology.

Nominations for this award should be made by former students or trainees of the nominated candidate, but other nominations will be considered.

OAS Student Paper-Poster Award
Awarded to any students currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at a post-secondary institution presenting a paper or poster at the OAS Symposium. It may also be awarded to an individual who has graduated from such a program within the last six months and is presenting work related to those studies. Those papers and posters being considered for the award must have a student as the sole or primary (first) author.

Past Winners:

OAS Symposium Photo Contest
15 photo(s) Updated on: November 19, 2020
  • 2020 Landscapes Winner - Martha Tildesley
  • 2020 Vintage Archaeology Winner - Dena Doroszenko
  • 2020 Field/Lab Life Winner - Bobbi Sheppard
  • 2020 Fun Finds Winner - Marc Dibenetto
  • 2020 COVID-19 (category) Winner - Kaitlyn McMullen
  • 2019 Winner - Martha Tidesley, for her picture of Autumn Colors (winner of the Archaeological Landscape category)
  • 2019 Winner - Chris Langlois, for his picture of the Field Mouse (winner of the Field/Laboratory Landscape category)
  • 2019 Winner - Wes Oldham, for his picture of Naughty Nellie (winner of the Fun Finds category)
  • 2018 Fun Finds Winner: Archaeological Services Inc.
  • 2018 Fun Finds Runner-Up: Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc.
  • 2018 Archaeological Landscapes Winner: Paterson Group
  • 2018 Field Life Winner: Museum of Ontario Archaeology
  • 2018 Field Life Runner-Up: Fisher Archaeological Consulting
  • 2018 Excavation Winner: Golder
  • 2018 Excavation Runner-Up: Golder

Heritage Conservation Award
Given in recognition of a significant voluntary contribution to heritage preservation within the Province of Ontario, above the requirements of Canadian law, within a year prior to the announcement of the award. It may be awarded to an individual or to an organization.

Past Winners:

  • 2013 Rooney Bros. Gradall Services Ltd.

The Ridley Award 

The Valerie Sonstenes Student Research Fund
The Valerie Sonstenes Student Research Fund is intended to support student research that relates to and advances knowledge of Ontario’s archaeological record.  This fund provides students with small grants to assist them in undertaking new research for Honour’s, Master’s, or PhD projects. Click here for the application

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